Crypto Advisor Hasanah : Explanation of token hut that will be hold for 2 years


his hasanah token is made for only 500 million tokens for the team and developer it is allocated and for the development of only 200 million tokens and this will be hold for 2 years with commitments will not be used.


Many are afraid of investing in a cryptocurrency project, either ico or ieo about the misuse of the token team, so here hasanah will provide certainty to investors that token team and developer really will be hold for 2 years safely

The strategy adopted by hasanah is to maintain stability and price resistance and we want to strive that the value of these hasan tokens after entering the market will be stable and will continue to rise, the way we do is We only open private sales specifically for long-term investors, those investors who are willing to invest hasanah tokens with an agreement on hold for 2 years. We will prioritize this private sale only for potential long-term investors who are ready to hold for a long period of 2 years.

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