Legality Of Hasanah Company ( PT HASANAH PRIMAKONS INDONESIA )

Legality of Hasanah Company

Hasanah has officially announced its company, namely PT HASANAH PRIMAKONS INDONESIA, is the name of our company that has been inaugurated and registered with the Indonesian government.

Private Sale Still Open

The private sale of hasanah has started from 20 September and will end 27 September for the first phase.

What must be known to prospective buyers of hasanah tokens during the private sale period is that tokens that my friends buy at this time will be held for 2 years according to the rules that have been determined and we will store them safely in the BNI Syariah bank safe deposit box.

As proof for investors we will later make a certificate of proof of ownership of tokens purchased during the sale of the private sale, the price given by the hasanahs in this period is $ 0.0581374 .

Relax, if you don’t want to wait 2 years long because the hasanah team has given an option to be able to book ICO sales for the first period and will be distributed when the ICO sales period starts on October 11, 2019  along with the benefits, potential investors can get tokens early and will not run out of slots during the ICO because many of our offline communities currently buy private sales.

Buyers who will book the ICO period can follow the form on the hasanah website or click the button below, and do not miss the buyers who will book for ICO will get a certificate as well as proof of purchasing hasanah tokens.

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