Hasanah Start Retail Token Sale to Public

Hasanah Retail Token Sale is Live !

Hasanah start a retail sale phase has started from 14 October and will end 21 October. for the first phase and second private sale  is over and we have reach the hardcap for private sale phase 1 and 2, so many investor come to buy from our offline community.

Hasanah Retail Sale Price

Hasanah retail sale price will be at 900 IDR ( 0,064 USD ) And Minimum Buy is 1000 Token

You will be able to buy HUT tokens using Bank Viritual Account, BTC, ETH , USDT

How to buy retail sale phase

Here I will give you a way how to buy hasanah tokens easily, and it is important for you to know the distribution of tokens will be sent when your payment is complete, here’s how to buy it :

Payment detail for using bank account : 

  • Virtual account OCBC NISP
    No : 4221 0000 0000 0001 (code 1 one back is the first stage retail purchase code)
  • OCBC Bank Account Number : 066800004021 on behalf of PT Hasanah Primakons Indonesia

You can send your payment to one of the bank option and fill the form here for confirmation your order



Payment detail using cryptocurrency

  • First you need to have balance to complete your payment
  • Visit our presale page here
  • You will see a Form that we made that’s a required to be fill
  • Determine how much you will buy in the amount of USD
  • Select the payment option using ETH or BTC and make a payment to the address listed there
  • Enter your ERC20 address to receive tokens and make sure you don’t use a wallet from exchange
  • Send proof of delivery of your payment in the form of screenshots

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