Hasanah Start Airdrop Campaign , Total Prize 1,000,000 HUT to be Distributed

Airdrop is worth 1,000,000 HUT Tokens in total. This campaign will run until our allocate token to this event fullfield, and the participants will be rewarded if follows this rules:

Get 115 HUT tokens for free, equivalent to 8 USD, just for joining our airdrop phase 1 event. Please follow the step by step requirements mentioned below, in order to participate in our airdrop.

You must complete the steps to be eligible for receiving any of rewards.

1)Join Telegram Group & Channel ( Required ) +10 HUT

2)Follow Twitter & Retweet Last Tweet ( Required ) +10 HUT

3)Like Our Facebook Fanspage ( Required ) +20 HUT

4)Follow Our Medium ( Required ) +20 HUT

5)Follow Our Reddit ( Optional ) +15 HUT

6)Follow Our LinkedIn ( Optional ) +10 HUT

7)Follow Our Partnership Channel ( Optional ) +10 HUT

You can get 115 HUT tokens by joining our airdrop and 5 HUT for each valid referral 1 HUT = $0.07

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