Hasanah Private Sale Phase 1 Sold Out For Our Community !

The private sale of hasanah has started from 20 September and will end 27 September for the first phase is over and we have reach the hardcap for private sale phase 1 , so many investor come to buy from our offline community and they all agree to hold HUT token for 2 years that’s good news for all of us ! All allocation token for private sale phase 1 has been sold out 30.000.000 HUT at price $0.0581374.

If you choose to buy during the second phase of the sale of this private sale you are not required to hold a token for 2 years and the token will be distributed after this period is over

As proof for investors we will later make a certificate of proof of ownership of tokens purchased during the sale of the private sale, the price given by the hasanahs in this period is $ 0.0616685

ICO sales period starts on October 11, 2019  along with the benefits, potential investors can get tokens early and will not run out of slots during the ICO because many of our offline communities currently buy private sales.

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