Hasanah Attended the Biggest UMKM Event in Ciamis and Become a Ciamis Football Club Sponsorship

Hasanah Event With 100 UMKM

Hasanah attended a big event in the city of Ciamis, which will be attended by 100 UKM

That the Office of Cooperatives and Small Businesses of West Java Province will hold a Product and Business Meeting event “JUARA JUARA” which is one of a series of stages of Innovation-Based UKM guidance and assistance activities in Ciamis .

This event will be held on Saturday 19 October 2019 at 7 am until it finishes at the Front of the Islamic Center Building Jl Mr. Iwa Kusuma Sumantri Ciamis Which will be attended by 100 UKM.

This event will be attended by the Regent of Ciamis and Deputy Regent of Ciamis


Hasanah also became a sponsorship for the FC Galuh Football Club in Ciamis

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