Advises from the Hasanah Team

Why should I use Hasanah and how can it help me?

With the issuance of the Hasanah, it is expected to increase the acceleration of business development of each Cooperative so that entrepreneurs who are members of the cooperative experience the ease of carrying out business development.

How can I accept bitcoin payments on my website?

With HasanahApp, you’re able to see improved cashflow by decreasing the time it takes for you to get paid. Existing solutions lock funds for 3-5 days, but with app you’re able to receive your funds in a matter of minutes. You’re only bound by the sending fees.

What currencies does HasanahApp support?

With HasanahApp you can store a variety of Top cryptocurrency in the wallet that we have developed in the future, and maybe some local currency we will support.

Where are my incoming payments stored?

Your incoming payment will be saved in the wallet available at HasanahApp.

How many transactions can I process?

With the blockchain system and supported by HasanahApp, you can make more than 1 transaction with a high level of speed and low costs.

Do you accept payments from/to exchanges?

We can accept payments from exchanges and from personal wallets.

Can HasanahApp be used to legal payment ?

Maybe, when regulations start to support.

How to transfer and receive HUT ?

Click the account section, and there will be a deposit or transfer button, please do the next instructions in the application.